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Far Fetched

Finding A Lost Dog

Think you’d know what to do if your dog went missing? Think again!

Special guest and best-selling author Teresa J. Rhyne joins Crystal on this episode to talk about all the things we do wrong when our dogs go missing, and what we should do instead. Teresa became an expert on this subject when her Beagle foster dog, Poppy, slipped her leash and escaped to a vast wilderness park in California. Her latest book, “Poppy In The Wild,” chronicles her adventures while in search of Poppy, including all her early mistakes and what she learned from the experts about tracking and capturing dogs.

Poppy In The Wild -Teresa J. Rhyne

Why shouldn’t you canvas the neighborhood with twenty of your friends? How can you use scent to lure your dog back home? What are some of the things you can do to reduce your dog’s flight risk to start with? We cover all of this and more in this special 90 minute New Year episode.

If you’re actively searching for a dog, be sure to check out the Do’s and Don’ts list below and contact information for professional pet locators that can help you.

Happy 2021! May your dogs stay safe, secure, and healthy in the new year.

This pandemic moment provided by Crystal’s terrible internet connection.


Teresa J. Rhyne

Buy books by Teresa J. Rhyne

Recommended equipment in this episode:

Long lead (30-50 foot) for recall training, Soft 6 foot leash, and martingale “no slip” collar (pictured below)

Austin area Pet Location Experts:

Dog Days Search & Rescue – Mike Noon

Babs Fry – Free Phone Consultations for people with lost pets 619-249-2221.

Whistle – GPS Collar Tracker (New Years Sale going on now!)

Important Do’s & Don’ts For Finding a Lost Pet

Do NOT chase your dog. This could drive your pet farther away and into a dangerous predicament like traffic or into the hills.

DO calmly follow your dog calmly if your dog is running from you. You want to keep an eye on your pet without chasing them so you can have a better chance of catching him/her. Knowing where he/she went will be important in finding them again should you lose sight of them. 

Do NOT call your pet’s name over and over. 

Do call your pet’s name gently but only periodically. They often feel like they are in trouble and will not respond or come out of hiding if you are yelling their name.

Do NOT tell others to call your pet’s name while searching. 

DO enlist others to help you put up flyers so you can start to get sightings. This is the #1 way dogs get reunited. You can never have enough flyers up. Minimum of 200 to start with would be our recommendation. 

The Current State Of Our Shelters

Watch this month’s episode on youtube too!

In this episode, Crystal sits down with One Hundred Dogs & Counting author, Cara Sue Achterberg, to tackle the complex challenges of our current shelter situation. What does “No Kill” really mean? What impact did the pandemic really have on our dogs? Are “high kill” shelters worthy of your help? What does the ideal future of shelters look like?

Most importantly, what will it take to empty the shelters and how quickly can we make it happen?


Cara Sue AchterbergOne Hundred Dogs & Counting, Another Good Dog

Shelter Animals Count: Statistics

Best Friends Animal Society

Austin Pets Alive

Peter Marsh – Getting to ZeroA Roadmap of Ending Shelter Overpopulation in the United States (PDF)

Pets WebMD: The documented presence of pentobarbital (euthanasia drug) in dog food – Does your dog’s food make the list?

Gizmodo article: How Does Euthanasia Drug Keep Ending Up In Dog Food?

Fake Dog Facts I Found on the Internet

In this episode, Crystal welcomes Jordan Greene back to talk about Jordan’s internet dog fame and the dangers of Reddit and Tik Tok “dog facts.”

Why do dogs really smell poop? Why do they eat poop?

Is your dog a racist?

Once a dog bites, are they destined to bite forever? What about the “taste of blood” factor?

Do Chihuahuas and other little dogs really think they’re big?

And how do stereotypes about pit bulls and Chihuahuas impact each other negatively?

We cover this and lots of stuff about anal glands in this special take your mind off the election elongated episode.



I Died Today: Duke Roberts

Henry’s Heart Iggy Rescue Houston

Life Expectancy of Dogs

Are Dogs Color Blind?

Are Dog’s Mouths Cleaner Than Human’s Mouths?

Sibling Genetics in Dogs

Why Does My Dog Do That – Part 2

Jordan Greene is back! But did she ever leave? Doesn’t matter because this is part 2! In this one, we’re covering how to decipher your own dog’s tail language, whether or not your dog is a southpaw, and why they really follow you to the bathroom. There’s more too but I don’t remember because it’s all a blur now and time is nonexistent in 2020. At least our skin is moisturized and dewy!

In honor of Pit Bull Awareness month, please support your local Pit Bull rescue. We recommend

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Month! From left to right: Winnie (pit), Usagi (chi), and Bruenor (Pit mix)

Why Does My Dog Do That? – Part 1

Q&A with Jordan Greene

Crystal sits down with friend and long time dog rescuer, Jordan Greene, to discuss a number of random dog questions, exploring dog fiction versus theory and fact.

Is human food really bad for dogs? Why do they target underwear, socks, and remote controls for chewing? What’s the deal with all the spinning before they poop? Why do their feet smell like Fritos? Can dogs be left or right-pawed? And how do you know what your dog saying with their tail?

Check out this fun two-parter where we cover all these questions and then some while doing a little self-care with these super creepy facial masks (sorry about the nightmares). Happy October!


Italian Greyhound Rescue – Support Italian Greyhound rescue!

How Dogs Think – Book by Stanley Coren

Dog Uses Buttons to Talk – Viral Video

Is Your Dog a Southpaw? – Bark Article by Karen B. London PhD

Dog Parks & The Socialization Myth

For years, dog parks and puppy classes have been the go-to for puppy and dog socialization, but are you really doing right by your dog by mobbing them with strange dogs and puppies?

In this episode, Crystal and guest dog trainer Sabrina Salazar talk about what it really means to socialize a dog, what’s really happening at dog parks, and how not all puppy classes are created equal.

Sabrina Salazar – Gleason Dog Training


Hire Sabrina at Gleason Dog Training

The Puppy Primer – Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.

Maran Illustrated Dog Training

Puppy Passports : Your Guide To Raising A Friendly, Adaptable, and Easy-To-Train Family Dog

The No-Cuddle Myth -A 4th of July Special

It’s here again – the end of the world as your dog knows it. The dreaded 4th of July.

In this episode, Kailyn Lavoie and Crystal Dunn toss out the myth about how comforting a dog (when they’re scared), will reinforce fear. They’ll discuss the truth about how dogs experience fear and how we can help them feel safe during fireworks, storms, and even the dreaded fire alarm low battery beep.

Listen to the end to learn about a few tools and solutions for comforting your dog and working through the scary moments and check out the resources below.


Raising Kids & Dogs

Should you adopt a puppy after having a baby? Are dogs raised with children more kid-friendly? Are older dogs safe to adopt with kids? And how can parents teach their dogs to love children?

Guest: Marielee Weir

In this episode, Crystal is joined by her own mom, Marielee Weir, to talk about raising kids, raising dogs, and how to avoid unwelcome collisions between the two. They discuss common misconceptions about expanding a dog’s tolerance, the importance of training children as well as dogs, and they even swap memories about a kid-biting, tree-climbing dachshund named Bo.


Analisys of Pediatric Facial Dog Bites – US National Library of Medicine

The Family Dog – Stop the 77

Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind – Colleen Pelar

Fostering Dogs in the Pandemic

In this episode Crystal and guest, Jason Dunn, chat about their long history of fostering dogs, how foster programs work, and what it means to be a foster both in normal times and during a pandemic.

Crystal gives her advice on what you can do to set your foster dog up for success in a new home and offers her predictions on what behavior issues are most likely to come out of the pandemic.

Crystal & Brew

They also discuss “foster failing” their most recent house guest, Bruenor “Brew” the mastiff/pit mix, and how balancing emotions with common sense when adopting a dog can be… tricky.


Florida Animal Shelter Celebrates Empty Kennel During Pandemic

Bruenor Butterhammer on Instagram

Kennel training a dog

Learn to Earn – Say Please with Sit

Shelters & Rescues

Maple: Available for adoption through

Dog rescue boss and dog trainer Lindsey Ortiz joins Crystal in this episode all about the often confusing world of rescues and shelters. We discuss the differences, pros and cons of adopting from each, and how they work together.

Plus! How do they get their funding? How does a no-kill city work? Why don’t rescues and private shelters typically take owner-surrendered dogs? Are animal control officers really as evil as the cartoons depict? Where do all these dogs come from? Why is Winnie digging in the trash again?

So, if you’re looking to adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, or just get an insider scoop on the web of animal care and how it all works (or can work) together, listen to this.


No Kill Definition

ASPCA Animal Shelter Statistics

Austin Animal Center

Ay Chihuahua

Addicus Legacy Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR)