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Choosing the Right Dog Trainer for You – Part 1

Far Fetched Dog Podcast
Far Fetched Dog Podcast
Choosing the Right Dog Trainer for You - Part 1

Miranda Hitchcock of Every Dog Behavior & Training, a non-profit aimed at improving access to professional, ethical dog training and behavior support, joins Crystal to talk about finding a trainer to fit your needs and your budget.


We’re talking certifications, methodologies, and even how to make sense of all those buzz words like “positive,” “balanced,” “dominance,” and “relationship”-based training.

We also break down websites, how search engine optimization might be interrupting your search instead of helping, and how to cut through the weeds to get what and who you need.

If you’re planning to hire a dog trainer any time soon, don’t miss this essential two-part series to save time, money, and your sanity while sifting through the unregulated world of dog training.


Miranda Hitchcock

More go-to resources from Every Dog –

Battling pack order and dominance myths in dog and wolf behavior – Dave Mech

IAABC Foundation:

The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

Crystal Dunn
Crystal Dunn

Crystal Dunn is a professional writer, dog behavior consultant, and the host of the Far Fetched Dog Podcast. Known for her activism for Pit Bulls, she currently serves on the advisory board at She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pit bulls.

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